ecomum @ home lined drawstring bag

These 2 layer bags are perfect for toting pads or pStyles, or just making sure you don't lose your marbles!

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$3.96 incl. tax

These bags are made in Peterborough by ecomum, with an outer layer of 100% cotton print, and an absorbant inner layer of 100% cotton flannel.  Sized at 5 1/2" x 9", with a hemp twine string, these are perfect for discretely packing your pStyle, cloth menstrual pads, or disposable pads.  (There's more than enough room for both a Diva Cup, and some back up cloth pads.)

Or, use them as gift bags, or secret bags for anything else you tote around!

Patterns vary -- please let us know if there is a colour that you hate, so we won't send you that!






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