Since 2012, we've begun donating 1$ for each sling we sell to either Medicins Sans Frontiers and our local Crossroads Women's Shelter. In 2013, that raised over 300$ to go to these organizations.  We're hoping raise even more in 2014!


In 2010,  our then  9 year old had been wandering around saying how grateful he was for the bounty of his life, after viewing images of the current chaos in Haiti.  In reflection of that, we commited a percentage of all sales from Jan 22 - Feb 12, 2010 towards a donation to MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (MSF), who are doing vital work under impossible circumstances not only in Haiti but in forgotten places around the world.  For more information on this organization, please visit: 

You're probably wondering what happens to your money after you order your things, and we take your hard earned dough. It's especially important these days, in the time of global hard times and corporate mismanagement to feel comfortable with where it goes.

Well, after we've paid bills:  web hosting, suppliers, phone bills, credit card services, Paypal (steep!) fees, bank charges, income taxes, gst/pst remittences, small business association memberships, trade show fees , occasional staff, etc, we try to spend the little that's left on things that are OUR choices.

We often give donations in support of a number of donations each year within our local community and things we believe in:

Additionally, we make efforts to make cloth diapers and menstrual products more accessible to individuals on a limited income.  This helps break the spiral of money spent on non-reusables, and saves them money in perpituity.

This year yet again we were pleased to work with Carol McKey and the children at Milkweed Preschool with their fundraising project for families and children living with AIDS in strife torn Zimbabwe.  The children's artwork was screened onto teeshirts, as well as hemp tote bags and tea towels made by ecomum.  ALL proceeds, including most costs of materials and labour go directly to Zimbabweans living in the most dire circumstances.  Here's a recent article: Peterborough Examiner. 

Also, we have become a microcosmic animal rescue centre of sorts.  The summer of 2008 was the summer of endless cats, as we worked with the Animal Rescue Krew in Lakefield, and fostered a stray mothercat and her 4 kittens (and her next 4 kittens as well!).  We're happy to say that all the offspring have found good homes and most have been spayed or neutred, and Lucy the mother cat has become the most playful and happy couch cat we have ever know - the wonders of spays!

In bigger adventures, last summer we were given an old Standard bred race horse that arrived down on his luck and on the way to the meat market -- ribby, swaybacked, sore and very antisocial.  The adage "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" stands true as it took some veterinary dental work, lots of good hay and grain, and a dose or two of wormer to get Cody back on his feet.  After half a year and lots of carrots, he's becoming a lovely,  dependable companion for our family and friends. 


Want to read a little about ecomonic conditions in Zimbabwe?

Read this story in the NY Times:

Want to read a little about the kids at Milkweed?

This Article was in Peterborough this Week, July 30, 2008 (Author Lindsey Cole):

Children learning how art can make a difference: Students from Milkweed preschool have made T-shirts to raise money for children in Zimbabwe
Jade Showers points to the picture imprinted on the side of the tote bag.
The picture is of her mother and the spot in the middle of her mom's belly represents a baby.
She painted the picutre while at Milkweed preschool, the three-year-old explains.
And she did it for a cause.
Her design is just one of many being displayed at Dreams of Beans Cafe until Aug 2 in a fundraiser for children in Zimbabwe.
According to Carol McKey, who organized the event, a number of these children have been corresponding with a four-year-old girl in Zimbabwe named Danai.
While she is fortunate and has both her parents, many children are orphaned in Zimbabwe because of AIDS. This fueled the idea to hold a funraiser.
"The students were just so sad. They wanted to do more. They have been working on this show since March," she says.
"We'll screen shirts as long as we need to. Everybody wanted to help. They wanted to keep making them."
Madilyn Edmunds, 4, says her T-shirt has the word "love" written on it. It also has a picture of her Nana on it.
"It's pretty cool," she says, regarding the cause.
Even previous students, who have graduated from Ms. McKey's preschool, have made T-shirts and tote bags.
"My favourite part I think was getting to see the picture I made on the wall," says seven-year-old Anna Martin.
So far the fundraiser has raised more than $400, but Ms. McKey is hoping for more.





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